1. Geometric Mosaics: Geometric shapes have become increasingly popular in recent mosaic trends, with designs ranging from simple shapes to intricate patterns.

2. Nature-inspired Mosaics: Many mosaic artists are incorporating natural elements, such as flowers, leaves, and animals, into their designs.

3. Three-dimensional Mosaics: Three-dimensional elements in mosaics, such as raised surfaces or layered glass, add depth and texture to mosaic designs.

4. Old-world Style Mosaics: Mosaics inspired by ancient Greek, Roman, or Byzantine cultures have continued to be popular and are often characterized by intricate patterns and color schemes.

5. Mixed Media Mosaics: Mixing different materials, such as glass, metal, and ceramic, is a trend that allows for more creativity in mosaic design.

6. Gradient Mosaics: Creating designs that use a gradient of colors has been a recent trend in mosaic artwork, often creating a more contemporary look.

7. Mosaics with Contrasting Grout: Rather than using traditional white or neutral grout, contrasting grout colors are being used to accentuate the mosaic design.

These are some of the popular mosaic trends seen in recent years, however, mosaics are always evolving, and new trends may emerge in the future.